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1/11/11 - A Day to Remember

1/11/11 is today, and while the first day of this year was popular with newlyweds, and most reception halls are already booked solid for Nov. 11, but there are few takers for today: 1/11/11.

Area wedding planners say the novelty of the date doesn't outweigh the fact that it's a Tuesday. A few brides will break from the traditional Saturday and get married on a Friday or Sunday.

Tuesday, however, is out of the question.

"Some of them will talk about it, but it fizzles out with the majority of them," said Connie DeLoach, of Cordially Invited Weddings.

Ansley Easterlin, at House of the Bride, said that brides might bend the rules up North but that Augusta is too much of a traditional Southern town for someone to get married on a Tuesday.

There are exceptions to every rule, but mostly it is a spur-of-the-moment decision.

Dorothy James, at the Cake Factory said they prefer a few months' notice for wedding cakes but can make an exception for those last-minute "let's get married" moments.

Betsy Love, at Love's Wedding Chapel, doesn't have any bookings for today, but she is always on the lookout for a walk-in. The couples don't usually say they're coming in for the date, but if Love asks, "They sheepishly will say, 'Yeah,' " she said.

Traci Figgins, the manager at Elegant Bridal, said a Tuesday wedding is too inconvenient for guests to get off work and travel from out of town.

"If (this date) were on a Saturday, we wouldn't be able to house all the brides," Figgins said.

The most popular date was July 7, 2007. It struck a chord as both biblically based and lucky; additionally, it was on a Saturday. Figgins believes it was one of the biggest wedding dates in history.

Just because it's not popular with brides doesn't mean the date isn't important.

Deborah Graham, an Augusta psychic who calls herself Mrs. Graham, said the date symbolizes new beginnings and is a good day for making important decisions -- including marriage. Numbers adding up to 5 make today especially lucky.

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