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New Facebook Password Reset Scam – Beware, Don’t Download the Attachment

There is a new scam going on right now on the wec. If you get an email saying “Facebook Password Reset” with an attachement included, don’t even think of touching it! It’s a scam which spreads malware into the systems.
I was a victim of this scam yesterday, and I had even posted a twitter tweet. Let me tell you, I even downloaded the zippedattachmentand opened it. I was expecting a .doc file or a .txt file. But, to my astonishment, there was a .exe file! I closed and deleted the .zip file immediately! Phew! Saved.
Here is a screenshot of how the email looks like.

Check the higlighted areas in the mail. Click to enlarge
At first, I knew it was some kinda scam thing but didn’t post about it. But today, I saw a post on Cnet that reported about this scam. It said that the attachment contains some password stealer that can steal the users password and username. This is what McAfee has to say about the scam:
“This threat is potentially very dangerous considering that there are over 350 million Facebook users who could fall for this scam,” McAfee says. “This is also the sixth most prevalent piece of malware targeting consumers in the last 24 hours, as tracked by McAfee Labs.”
There are many reasons why this can be called as a phishing scam. First of all, it came into my spam box and not my inbox. So, that’s a reason for suspicion. Next, the “To” address was different. It was “pram6176″ which was not my email id at all! There was a .exe file in the attachment – why would that be needed??
Some things that Cnet noticed: The punctuations are not correct – “Facebook” isn’t capitalised in the email. Facebook would never send an email with an attachment – It would have pointed to a link where one could reset password.
So, beware all 350 million users, THIS IS A SCAM.

How To Download Email Attachments From Microsoft Outlook

How To Download Email Attachments From Microsoft Outlook

OutlookAttachView is a free portable tool for Windows that scans all attachments in your Outlook profile and displays them in a simple list view. This can be best used for searching a specific attachment or for deleting a huge attachment that is taking lot of space. Apart from the Search feature, you can also Download the attachments easily, just select the attachments you want to download and click Save.

Since it is portable tool, it needs no installation and has the ability to search multiple Outlook profiles at once. According to NirSoft,
If you have only one profile in your Outlook, and this profile doesn’t require any password, you can run OutlookAttachView even without starting Outlook, and it’ll automatically scan the mailbox of your current Outlook profile. Otherwise, it’s recommended to open Outlook in the right profile before starting OutlookAttachView.

outlookattachview main
You can also export the list of attachments into xml/html/text/csv file. It works on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Server 2003/Server2008 and any version of Outlook. Enjoy!
How to Download Attachments on an iPhone

The iPhone is a quad-band Global Systems for Mobile Communications (GSM) compatible cellular smart phone originally released by Apple Inc. in early 2007. The iPhone features a built-in Mail application that allows you to easily send and receive emails from any Post Office Protocol (POP3) enabled email account. You can also download and view many email attachments directly from the Mail application. Types of attachments that are supported by the iPhone's Mail application are .doc,.docx,.htm,.html,.pdf,.txt,.xls and .xlsx.


Send an email with an attachment to one of the email addresses that you have set up on your iPhone.

  • 2
    Open the "Mail" application by tapping the "Mail" icon.

  • 3
    Select the email account you sent the attachment to from the list of email accounts and then select the "Inbox" folder.

  • 4
    Select the email with the attachment from the list of available emails.

  • 5
    Scroll down to the bottom of the email and tap the hyperlink for the attachment. The attachment will automatically download and display on your iPhone.

  • .................................
    Can Facebook see Attachments ??
     If attachments are enabled and guest are allowed to view, will Facebook be able to see and place a Thumbnail ?? When i do a FB Share the thumbnail shows but when the post is made it disappears.
    depends on what type of buttons are you using, if is  JavaScript SDK.  then you will have to provide a metatag with a custom image, this image will appear in all the post your share and cannot be changed by the user.

    if you use the iframe type, then facebook will scan your site looking for images and then will give you the user the possibility to select one image from your forum, facebook does this with javascript so sometimes can show 15 images to chose and sometimes can show just 2 or 3, as always this depends solely on facebook side and theres no much you can do.

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