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Rangers murder unarmed boy in cold blood:
Pakistan Rangers personnel shot dead 17-year-old Sarfaraz Shah at Boat Basin in Karachi on Wednesday, claiming that he was killed in an encounter after he was caught mugging people in the area, a private TV channel reported. Video footage of what can only be described as a cold-blooded murder of an unarmed civilian, however, surfaced later in the day, showing a group of Rangers personnel roughing up a young man, then one of them tossing him to the ground and shooting him in the abdomen with his rifle from mere feet away as his colleagues looked on. Sarfaraz was seen begging the Ranger for his life, but the Ranger - on a power trip similar to the one displayed by Frontier Corps personnel in Kharotabad a few weeks ago, who killed 5 unarmed Russian nationals on “suspicion” of being armed suicide bombers – shot him heartlessly. Sarfaraz was the brother of journalist Salik Shah. A case was registered against Rangers Alam Zeb and Akhtar on Salik’s behalf on Sindh Chief Minister (CM) Qaim Ali Shah’s orders after Sarfaraz’s relatives and friends staged a protest sit-in outside CM’s Secretariat.

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Karachi a young boy named as “Sarfraz” was killed when he was in custody on rangers and rangers brutally opened fire being Judge, Jury and executioners themselves. Boy was clearly posing no threat to the rangers as he was fully unarmed and was even asking for polite stance from rangers.
No rule of law in entire world allow anyone to do such a vicious act, this is clearly a murder and must be met by murder charges on the person who fired the gun shots on that unarmed boy. The human rights organizations must come forward to bring the dead to the justice by making sure that killer is brought in front of a court.
Even after this vicious assault the DG Rangers seems defending the act via statement that it was crossfire, clearly boy is unarmed, lets see following footage of event and discuss other stuff after that. Have a look.
Rangers also found involved in such events in past where in Karachi people were killed the gun shot of a ranger but this was unique event where the person deliberately make sure to kill the victim making sure that he does not make it to life.
Orders of action against the rangers already came from Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah and Interior Minister Rehman Malik, hope on ground the steps are taken to bring the soul of dead to justice as no offense against him proved yet.
Also Sharjeel Memon who is Sindh information minister told that strict action will be taken in this regard. A number of political parties, individuals related to politics, Journalism and civil society already condemned this vicious assault by rangers against the boy being named as ‘Sarfraz’.
This is not about a single case but about respect of human rights in this country, this is definitely a negative message to the world, specially when security forces individuals who are suppose to protect us are found killing the people even when they had a chance to arrest him and bring in front of court. Or even they had him in custody. This matter must not be met with leniency. I would name this event as murder by rangers, anyone else have any better idea?
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Rangers caught in Unarmed youth murder case:

The Rangers personnel on wednesday, at Benazir Park have gunned down an alleged robber,who was the brother of the reporter of a private TV channel .

Almost all of the private TV channels telecast the footage of shooting unarmed youth by the Rangers personnel . Earlier, the Rangers claimed that victim was a robber and held a family hostage at the park for robbery.

Media representatives staged a sit-in at Chief Minster’s house along with the body of Sarfaraz against the killing. On the Demand of the protesting journalists the  FIR was registered against Rangers .

While the two rangers personnal has been arrested, said  Sharjeel memon,the information minister sindh.
Rehman Malik also took notice and ordered a judicial inquiry of the murder.

The funeral will be held today at Abdullah Hussain park, hijrat colony.

Rangers murder young boy in Karachi

Rangers shot dead youth in Karachi

KARACHI: Two Rangers men have been arrested due to their involvement in in cold blooded murder of a youth in Karachi.Director General Rangers has announced stern action against the culprit security men, while Interior Minister Rehman Malik has ordered probe into the incident.Sharfuddin Memon, Sindh Government's special assistant for home affairs, has called for registering murder case against the accused adding that the camera footage clarifies the incident and formation of an inquiry commission will be unnecessary.Talking to ARY News Sharfuddin Memon said when the youth had surrender before the law enforcers than they should have handed him over to the police.He said the Police Order 2002 suggested for a Public Safety Commission. He called for a compulsory psychological test for all security men to avoid such unfortunate incidents. News of ARY NEWS at 13:00

Rangers Kill Youth in Karachi Extrajudicial Killing

On Wednesday, news outlets report that a young man was “brutally murdered” in an extrajudicial killing that took place in Benazir Park in Karachi. According to Express, the man was accused to be a “snatcher,” or a robber, and was arrested by police who then handed him over to Ranger personnel who cornered him and then shot him in the stomach, despite the man’s pleas. The man is reported to be a ‘matric’ student, as well as the brother of a Samaa television reporter, and he died on the spot.

News outlets continue to play the footage of the shooting over and over again on television, which garnered much discussion on Twitter. Ammar Yasir tweeted, “Just watched the Samaa footage and I feel like throwing up. This happened in Karachi, imagine the extrajudicial murders in Balochistan,” while Tammy Haq noted, “Pakistan is a state of anarchy. Anyone can do what they like and get away with it.”

Express 24/7 reporter Shaheryar Mirza (@mirza9) tweeted, “Nothing shocking about this killing. What’s shocking is that it was caught on tape. Rangers have done this countless times before.”

As details unfold, it also is evident that Ranger personnel and police officials previously lied about details of the shooting, previously stating that the young man was armed and that 15-20 witnesses could testify to that. But, thanks to the footage, we now see that he was unarmed. In other words, noted Mirza, they were “caught red-handed.” 

Hundreds of people have organized a “peaceful sit-in” outside the Chief Minister’s house in Karachi in protest of the killing.  MQM leader Wasay Jalil told Express, “Karachi has seen in its past extrajudicial killings…but the people of Pakistan will lose further confidence in the police…and law enforcement officials.”

CHUP will continue to provide updates of this tragic killing as more details come in, but feel free to share your thoughts and reactions in the comment section.

UPDATE 1745 EDT: Express reported, “Five men from the Ghazi wing of the Rangers are said to be involved in the incident, of whom two have been arrested.” The news agency further noted, “Initially, the police and Rangers had claimed that they were informed that a dacoit had held a family hostage in Benazir Bhutto Park. The security personnel claimed that they went inside the park and asked the man to surrender. When he refused to do so, the Rangers shot at him in retaliation. Shah was injured and died after reaching Jinnah Hospital, security personnel said.” Obviously, that was not the accurate report of the incident.

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  1. Some Facts about murder of a boy by rangers in Karachi.
    It is a fact that boy has done some wrong thing, that was the reason that he was so much frightened and was begging pardon from rangers personnel.
    Due to some wrong doing boy have become hyperactive and emotional.
    Boy was not going to be calm down instead of many instructions of ranger’s personnel.
    Boy instead of becoming calm down and staying on its place was moving forward towards personnel who was having most sophisticated weapon, which is making the move of boy suspicious and causing irritation and alarm in rangers personnel.
    It is fact that ranger person who has fired on boy is also looking like a boy and not a mature person.
    It was the responsibility of other ranger’s personnel to keep away the boy from the young ranger's person who was having most sophisticated person.
    But other rangers personnel are looking very confused and panic and don’t have ability to control a boy who in fact was caught and beaten initially by a single ranger person, but later on we find that 6 rangers person were unable to handle and control this young boy.
    After shooting rangers persons and public failed to help the boy which is a great crime against humanity, all rangers and civilian people who were present there including camera man should be brought to justice for not helping a boy who was wounded and was going to die.