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China’s top richest village HUAXI (JIANGSU PROVINE) celebrates 50th anniversary of its founding - 15th tallest building of the world, the dome of the five star hotel is made of 1 ton pure gold

HUAXI (JIANGSU PROVINE), Oct 8 (APP): China top richest village, Huaxi celebrated 50th anniversary of its founding on Saturday.The heights GDP of 2010 of the village was 50 billion Yuan, that illustrates the prosperity and the hectic participation of the village people in economic development. Each individual tax payer contributed 0.85 million in 2010.Spread over 30 square kilometer now after merger of surrounding localities, the village once confined to less than a kilometer. Once a poor village some five decades ago, now it has many small, medium sized industries, its own shipping line with a fleet of 13 ships , helicopter service for the visitors and for the promotion of aerial tourism.The Party Secretary of the village Mr. Wu Xie'en speaking at a largely attended reception this morning announced that this year the GDP of Huaxi is expected to be 10 percent more than the last year. 

He announced ten new projects for the village to be completed in next ten years including Baoli Ocean Transportation company established by Huaxiin Hong Kong that has now five ships and ordered for induction of 8 new. It annual transport capacity will touch 4 million tons when all new ships were put into operation. 

Another ambitious plan of the village management is to set foot in aviation industry.

"We will try to establish Huaxi's own general airlines through various methods such as cooperation and joint venture," Wu said.

The village has the state of the art Chemical fiber and steel for nuclear power plants, and the management of Huaxi Baochang Chemical Fiber enhanced its production from 200,000 tons to 300,000 tons this year. 

T0 encourage tourism, village management has built a 5-star hotel complex with a cost of 3 billion Yuan. The tower height is 328 meter, ranking 15th in the world. Still there are 209 countries and regions in the world that do not own buildings with such a height. 

The village, a modern one, has all basic facilities at people's door steps including banking and postal services, community policing, medical facilities,fire brigade, security personnel, amusement parks and public transport.

Inspired with the achievements of Huxai village, some neighbouring and less developed villagers and a one far away Dazhai village in Shanxi province in north China also requested to help them replicate their success in their own villages.

Once in Mao's era, the Dazhai village was a model one in China, but it could not hold its development for various reasons.

Wu pointed out that Huaxi will become soon the world's unique "Holiday village."

The 50th anniversary celebrations was largely attended by diplomats, party leaders, foreign guests, national and international media.

15th tallest building of the world, the dome of the five star hotel is made of 1 ton pure gold.

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