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500$ Paid By Hashim Amla As Fine For Not Wearing Wine Company’s Tag - Report in Urdu

Hashim Amla, batsman of South African Cricket team, is not only the topper of ICC’s Ranking but is also a man of tremendous character and impressive spirit.He holds his faith and religious beliefs so strictly that he refused to wear Whiskey Logo on his shirt and agreed to pay 500$ monthly as a fine.The story goes as few years back, South African cricket team made an agreement with a wine selling company. But they were astonished when Hashim Amla denied to wear this wine tagged t-shirt. He placed the arguments as wine was “haram” in Islam so all the money earned from this tag would also be “haram”.At last the agreement was done between Hashim and Board, and Hasim had to pay 500$ per month as the cost of his character and religion.He has become a role model for all the Muslims and especially who are in sports arenas. This is the ironic character of a true Muslim. We all pay a tribute to this great Muslim. May Allah bless us with such a character and religious values.

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