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That’s Why Steve Jobs Chose the Perfect Time to Resign

“Steve Jobs resigned from Apple’s CEO.” These are the titles that you can read in these hours on the net. Steve Jobs resigns for reasons not yet formalized, but probably the perfect time to leave the role of CEO to his successor. Why?

An article recently published by Gizmodo analyzes the current state of Apple, calling it perfect for a handover.

Apple has never been stronger than now, the data record presented for last quarter. In about a month you get the new iPhone, which will unleash a wave of novelty, freshness and earnings within the company, which will market the device with the three major U.S. carriers. It is also likely the arrival of a completely new product, a low-cost terminal that meets the need of the masses and not just those that have 600/800€ to spend on a smartphone.

Resign in a few weeks would have wrapped up the launch of the iPhone 5 in memories of Jobs, and the company would not have been positive. Jobs resigning left hours of time to his successor, where Tim Cook must take to be alone and prepare for the launch of the new device, without the heavy shadow of the now ex-CEO.

In addition, the separation will be sweeter because Tim Cook will launch the product that carry within them the essence of Steve Jobs. It is undeniable that the iPhone 5 is designed for months now, with Jobs in command, and the seeds for the upcoming iPad 3 or for new Mac have been planted by Apple co-founder.

The company will continue to have his leadership because, despite the resignation, Jobs will remain in Apple to bring even his creativity and his inspirations, discuss global strategies and taking the company to a new balance.

Hoping that the causes of the resignation are not strictly related to the disease that haunts him for years, the change of leadership was to come sooner or later. It served, however, a golden moment for the company, with many projects already developed, and many many more still in pipeline.

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